Is The Hills Coming To An End?

LAUREN CONRAD’s hit reality TV show THE HILLS is reportedly set to end after the next series.

The real-life drama, which documents the lives of Conrad and her friends in Los Angeles, is currently in its fifth season – but will come to end after series six, according to British newspaper The Sun.

A source tells the publication, “I think everyone, including Lauren, wants to get on with their lives.”


  1. I must admit I have never watched this show. I don’t really understand its popularity. It does seem odd, hoeever, that they “want to get on with their lives.” I never understand when actors want to leave a steady paycheck.

  2. Well i love the hills… and i also heard little tid bits aout it coming to an end after this next coming season, so it’s probably true. But, i do love the show… watched all the series! =) I will miss it! 🙂

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