Watching ‘Scream Queens’ On-the-Go with XFINITY


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Between my professional and personal life, I’m always on the go, but I still have my can’t-miss TV shows, like Scream Queens, which is why I’m glad that XFINITY can help me stay un-spoiled on the go with their Cloud DVR with X1.

As we all know, Google Fiber is headed to Atlanta soon. I considered making the switch myself until I realized that with Google Fiber, you can’t take your recorded shows with you, which means I’d have to be stuck in the house if I wanted to catch up on the latest madness from Chanel, Zayday and the rest of the Scream Queens Kappas.

With Cloud DVR, I can easily take my favorite shows with me and watch them from anywhere I want and, if by chance, I’m home but my roommate already has dibs on the TV, I can stream any channel live on any device in the house! If I had Google Fiber, I’d either have to wait until my roommate is finished or fight her to the death for the remote, and neither of those options sounds too pleasant.

Really, when you think about it, the list of positives to sticking with my XFINITY service over Google Fiber goes on and on.

The X1 Cloud DVR allows for 500 GB of storage, meaning you’ve got tons of shows and movies at your fingertips after downloading and XFINITY offers channels like AMC, NBA TV and NHL Network, which Google Fiber doesn’t (which means all you Walking Dead fans had better make other arrangements).

If you want to watch programs On Demand, you’ll have 148,000 to choose from with XFINITY, compared to the 16,000+ that Google Fiber offers.


When you break it down, sticking with XFINITY just makes more sense all around and Cloud DVR with X1 only sweetens the deal.

Want to see more examples of how XFINITY shines where Google Fiber lacks? Head on over here and let the scrolling begin:

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  1. With XFinityyou can enjoy having your bill vary month to month, with no rhyme or reason. You can also enjoy the pleasure of 300 GB internet data caps which you will hit if you have more than 1 person in your home and stream Netflix. The choice is clear here – stick to Comcast to continue wallowing in the worst customer service in the industry, back-stabbing prices, and a company that just plain hates you.

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