‘The Night Before’ Review: A Good One to Watch with Your Ho-Ho-Homies


The latest crazy-guys-night-out comedy The Night Before, takes audiences on a strange, drug-fueled journey with a trio of childhood friends.

The comedy is funny in the usual Seth Rogen-stoner way and stars Rogen (Isaac), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Ethan), Anthony Mackie (Chris Roberts) as three childhood friends who meet on Christmas Eve to go through their yearly ritual of holiday debauchery for a final time. The three friends are in very different places in life, which effects not only their relationships with each other, but their night as a whole.

Rogen, Gordon-Levitt and Mackie were fun to watch as the childhood-turned-adulthood best friends who each had their own individual life issues going on. Rogen was basically on a drug trip the entire film, and that’s always fun to watch, while Gordon-Levitt was sweet and focused as his character was the most determined to make the ritual go out with a bang (while trying to win back an ex-girlfriend at the same time!). Mackie was great as the lovable asshole Chris Roberts, the most successful of the three who hides a pretty big secret.

Prepare to go on an unpredictable journey and encounter some interesting characters along the way (Michael Shannon’s drug dealer Mr. Green is sure to be a fan favorite and there’s a pretty great James Franco cameo as well), all while watching three guys hilariously come to grips with what it means to become men.

While this isn’t the funniest Seth Rogen comedy in existence, it still provides solid laughs throughout and is a great choice to see with a group of close friends.

Grade: B-

Photo Credit: Sony


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