Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Talks About the Movie

It’s been a pretty exciting year for Stephenie Meyer. Her fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, was published; a movie of her first book, Twilight, was completed and is nearing release; and with all three children now in school full days, she has more time than ever to pursue her career.

After a prickly situation with the first attempt to make Twilight into a movie, Meyer found her proper suitor in the relatively new Summit Entertainment. They agreed to her terms and pretty soon the movie was off and running.

Twilight mania has hit a fever pitch in 2008 and Meyer’s popularity has skyrocketed. All told, she’s handling the newfound attention quite well. She is happy with the movie and appeared in good spirits when sitting for a press conference to discuss it.

ReelzChannelReelzChannel: What do you read?

Stephenie MeyerMeyer: I read a lot of books, and some of them that I love are really popular and then there are others that I just think, “Why isn’t everybody in the world reading this book? It’s so amazing!” So one book takes off. Why? I don’t know why it ever happens.

I know why I respond to Twilight. I wrote it for me. It’s exactly what I wanted to read. As far as other people [responding to it], it’s kind of bizarre, actually.

ReelzChannelRC: How much input did you have in the script?

Stephenie MeyerMeyer: It was a really pleasant exchange from the beginning. They were really interested in my ideas. I didn’t want to get in the way and make it worse, so I let them come to me and they did. They let me have input on it and I think they took 90 percent of what I said and incorporated it right into the script.

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  1. Taminar wrote: You never know what’s going to capture the public’s interest or imagination. It’s cool that the filmmakers really worked with her. So often a movie bears no resemblance at all to the original material. You wonder why they bothered to pay the rights and use the name.