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Robert Pattinson Talks Twilight

Robert Pattinson Talks Twilight


Up-and-coming star Rob Pattinson is certainly no slouch in the looks department, but Twilight fans weren’t impressed when he was cast as the indescribably beautiful Edward Cullen. “He looks like a bum,” said one fan, Pattinson recalled at a recent Twilight press conference.

In the movie images and trailers released thus far, he’s been cleaned up a bit and covered with pale makeup and suitable threads. Twilight fans have been won over somewhat. The “boos” have turned to squeals of excitement at Pattinson’s recent appearances. One Hot Topic signing session even turned into full-on chaos, as we reported last week. However, fans are holding out on full, unabashed approval until they’ve seen the movie.

Watching the young actor portray the powerful, attractive Edward courting Bella on screen, it’s easy to forget all the hoopla that once existed around the news of his casting. His onscreen American accent is so convincing that meeting the Englishman in person, his true voice came as a shock.

Q: What was the quote Kristen [Stewart] was trying to recall that you said about comparing the screeching girls to the “Gates of Hell”?

Robert Pattinson: At Comic-Con. I think it’s a great noise if you’re doing a movie where you are entering Hell. Just get 7,000 girls screaming. It sounds exactly how you imagine the sound should be.

ReelzChannelQ: What was the appeal of acting to you in the very beginning?

Robert Pattinson: I don’t know what it was in the beginning. My first job [Vanity Fair], I was playing Reese Witherspoon’s son. I hadn’t done any acting in school and wasn’t at a drama school or anything. You turn up on set and you’re doing a film with Reese Witherspoon and you have a trailer and stuff. I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing. Wow, I should be an actor. How is this happening?

ReelzChannelQ: Stephenie [Meyer] said you two had a bit of a disagreement about your character.

Robert Pattinson: I think it was to do with why he treats Carlisle as a father when [Edward’s] a 108 year-old guy and [Carlise’s] not his father. And she said that he treats him as a father because he deserves to be treated as a father. He wanted Edward to be his son and he believes that Carlisle is such a good person that he will ignore his age and treat him as a father. Initially, I thought that was absolutely ridiculous and then I thought, “That’s actually a really bizarre character trait,” so I started to agree with it by the end.

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