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The Unborn Contest- Personal Haunted Experiences

The Unborn Contest- Personal Haunted Experiences


The Unborn hits theaters on January 9th and gives a horrifying peak into the life of the undead. This supernatural thriller follows the story of a young woman who is pulled into nightmares when a demonic spirit haunts her and threatens everyone she loves.

Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman) hated her mother for leaving her as a child. But when inexplicable things start to happen, Casey begins to understand why she left. Plagued by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost that haunts her waking hours, she must turn to the only spiritual advisor, Sendak (Gary Oldman), who can make it stop.

With Sendak’s help, Casey uncovers the source of a family curse dating back to Nazi Germany – a creature with the ability to inhabit anyone or anything that is getting stronger with each possession. With the curse unleashed, her only chance at survival is to shut a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born.

Have you had a horrifying experience in your past with something supernatural? Submit your scariest experiences here in the comment section below or via email to [email protected] for a chance to win one of 5 posters from The Unborn which have been signed by David Goyer (Writer and Director) and Odette Yustman (Star). The top 5 stories will be chosen by the FanBolt staff and posted on the site. US Residents Only! Please include the state you are located in with your email.

Note: Make sure you enter your username on FanBolt so that we can check our database for your email as well as the state you are located in. If you rather your name not show up on FanBolt with your story, please email your story to the above address with the name you would like it to be displayed with. US Residents Only!

Best of luck!


Film Information:

Release date: January 9, 2009
Genre: Supernatural thriller

Cast: Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet, James Remar with Jane Alexander and Idris Elba
Written and Directed by: David Goyer
Produced by: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
Executive Produced by: Jessika Goyer, William S. Beasley


  1. Kellie wrote: Fanbolt user name: inluvwithdean

    My scariest supernatural moment would probably be when I was a child, around six maybe. I was in the car with my parents and we had stopped outside my aunts house to talk before going home. I would roll down the window to sit on the door while they talked. When I looked behind me, down the road I saw an honest to god ghost or spirit going down the road. It was like mist, no legs just floating, and it looked like it was wearing a cloak with the hood pulled up. I jumped back in the car and closed my eyes. It stills scares me to this day thinking about it.


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