Swoosie Kurtz Is Coming To Desperate Housewives

Attention, Bree Hodge (Marcia Cross): The woman above may be related to you…and/or coming after your man.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Pushing Daisies’ much-loved (and always shnockered) Aunt Lily, aka Swoosie Kurtz, is coming to Desperate Housewives later this season to play a potential love interest for someone on Wisteria Lane.

So who will it be? And when will she appear?

According to insiders, Kurtz will appear in episode 17 of the current fifth season. Episode 14 airs this Sunday, so Kurtz’s episode should air sometime in March. The following month, she’ll appear on an episode of NBC’s Heroes as Millie, an old society friend of Angela Petrelli’s.

Meanwhile, just who Swoosie’s squeeze will be on Housewives is currently being guarded as highly classified intel by my ABC moles, so you know it’s juicy.

By last count, Orson and Bree, Gaby and Carlos, Tom and Lynette and Edie and Dave are all fully married, while Mike is happily dating Katherine. So hmmm, maybe our lonely little Susan will give up on men altogether?

And with the red hair, she could be related to Bree or Katherine…

Thoughts? Theories? And are you happy to see that Daisies’ cancellation won’t be the end of our beloved Aunt Lil?


  1. I’ve never seen either show, but I think it’s really interesting that a character is being transitioned from one show to a completely unrelated show. It reminds me of the time that Alex Rocco’s Hollywood agent character from “The Famous Teddy Z” showed up on Murphy Brown. I’m not sure how many people remembered “Teddy Z” but the character was hilarious either way.

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