‘Girl Meets World’ Season 3 Episode Names Revealed by Writers

Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode Names

The first seven Girl Meets World season 3 episode names have been revealed by the show’s writers. The series was renewed for season 3 in November, and while season 2 hasn’t wrapped for fans yet – we already have details to tease about Girl Meets World season 3!

Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode Names

  • Girl Meets High School
  • Girl Meets Permanent Record
  • Girl Meets Jexica
  • Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me
  • Girl Meets Triangle
  • Girl Meets Upstate
  • Girl Meets Ski Lodge

So what does this tell us? Here’s our best guesses.

We assume ‘Girl Meets High School’ is the season three premiere episode, and that ‘Girl Meets Permanent Record’ may have something to do with Lucas (Peyton Meyer). ‘Girl Meets Triangle’ we can assume is about Riley, Maya and Lucas’ love triangle that has been occurring near at the end of the current season, season 2.

For the Boy Meets World fans, the episode title ‘Girl Meets Ski Lodge’ will definitely sound familiar. In Boy Meets World‘s ‘Hearbreak Cory’, Cory (Ben Savage) and the gang went to a Ski Lodge as a senior trip, and Cory sprained his ankle. He met an employee there named Lauren (portrayed by Linda Cardellini), and he found himself attracted to her. Lauren took care of him while the gang was out skiing, and he ended up kissing her. He never told Topanga about the kiss, however, Topanga found out when she found a note that Lauren wrote to Cory. The story arc continued with he and Topanga breaking up due to the kiss (of course they’re together now).

We’d love to see Linda Cardellini guest-starred in ‘Girl Meets Ski Lodge’, and see Cory and his family going there and encountering Lauren. Awkward anyone? We can only imagine the story would go.

What do you think will happen in these Girl Meets World season 3 episodes? Comment below, and let us know what you think!!

Girl Meets World returns on the Disney Channel this Friday, January 8th!

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