‘X-Files’ Premiere Ratings Are In!


The X-Files premiere ratings are in, and they’re just as good as you hoped they would be! The early numbers from Nielsen are showing 13.5 million viewers with a 5.1 rating among adults 18-49! Does this mean that FOX may consider more than these 6 episodes? Fans, keep your fingers crossed that the ratings continue to look this good for the rest of the episodes!

While Fox sent out an email last night stating that premiere would make its debut at exactly 10:18pm EST following the NFC Championship game, the series didn’t start actually start until 10:24 (which caused quite an uproar of impatient fans on Twitter). Tonight marks the second night of the two-night premiere event, and from here on out the series will shift to Monday nights at 8pm EST.

So what was the fan reaction to the premiere. A tremendous number of fans were ecstatic and nostalgic with the episode, whereas many TV critics were not on the same page.

Let us know your thoughts about The X-Files premiere episode in our comment section below! Did you love it?

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  1. OMG Yes. The opening Credits were a Blast from the Past-made me almost cry. The Effects were Movie Quality. Great Story. The Team is back, The X-Files are Re-Opened. PLEASE do another Season

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