Marlon Wayans Talks ‘Fifty Shades of Black’ and Upcoming NBC Project

Marlon Wayans Fifty Shades of Black

Marlon Wayans made a stop in Atlanta to talk about his latest film which hits theaters today, Fifty Shades of Black as well as his upcoming NBC series, Marlon.

Wayans revealed to press that he wasn’t that impressed with Christian Grey’s skills in the book and even called Grey’s skills basic, “When I was reading the book, I was personally unimpressed by the sex stuff,” Wayans laughed. “This is basic. Handcuffs? So I was thinking I was going to write my first parody book and do something different. Then I heard the movie was coming out, so off the book Rick [Alvarez] and I started writing the movie. And instantly, the title just kind of hit me, and I was like what if Christian Grey was black?”

Wayans also briefly talked about his upcoming sitcom project with NBC, Marlon, which films its pilot episode this March through April.

“It’s called Marlon, and it’s based on my life of being an inappropriate dad,” Wayans revealed. “With my kids, I’m more like their brother than their dad. I’m silly. That’s just what I am. I’m a lot of fun. It’s raising them as a single parent, but co-parenting them with someone you love to death and you’re best friends and soulmates, but life just doesn’t have you be together.”

Check out our interview with Marlon Wayans below!

Marlon Wayans Talks Fifty Shades of Black (NSFW)

Fifty Shades of Back is out in theaters today!


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