Grey’s Anatomy: Is Izzy really going to die?

Anyone dying to know if Katherine Heigl will be dying on Grey’s Anatomy?

Well, join the club. Our sources are still saying that although nothing is official, it’s looking “very likely” that both Heigl and T.R. Knight will sail off into an ABC-free sunset come season’s end.

“The legal papers just need to be signed,” says one insider familiar with the situation.

So, we have questions for you. Are the months-long rumors true that Izzie will die? If so, was bringing Denny back a mistake at first glance, but retrospectively a brilliant way to build up to Izzie’s death? And if Izzie dies, what does that mean for Alex? For that matter, how would fragile Mer cope with another tragedy?

Also, how sorely would George (T.R.) be missed? Would Seattle Grace be the same? Can the show survive without these two?

We’re positively bubbling over with questions and anticipation, and we’re not alone.