Scott Foley Talks ‘Scandal’ and Jake Ballard’s Valentine’s Day Advice

Scott Foley

Scandal returns tonight on ABC, and we got to chat with series star Scott Foley about what lies ahead for the rest of the season. We also got a little Jake Ballard Valentine’s Day advice for fans!

“It looks like Olivia jumps into Jake’s arms. I’ve heard that people are theorizing that it’s a flashback, a dream sequence. It could be. Who knows?” Foley teased us during Scad’s aTVFest last weekend. “But it’s going to get crazy. I can tell you that.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Scandal‘s Scott Foley below!

What’s Next on Scandal

Curious what advice Jake Ballard might offer for Valentine’s Day? We rather like the advice that Foley thinks his character would offer fans!

Scandal’s Jake Ballard’s Valentine’s Day Advice

Are you excited for Scandal‘s return tonight? Let us know your thoughts in our comment section below – and if you have a little Valentine’s Day advice you’d like to share as well – we’d love to hear it!

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