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Miles Teller Talks Upcoming ‘Divergent’ Film ‘Allegiant’

Miles Teller Talks Upcoming ‘Divergent’ Film ‘Allegiant’


Divergent is set to release its third installment, Allegiant, in just a little over a month, and Miles Teller recently spoke with press about how he’s embraced the uncertainty of his character, Peter. Having got to know his alter ego since the first dystopian movie was released in 2014, Miles has grown to embrace Peter’s mysterious nature amid his quest to figure out which world he lives in.

“I just like the fact that he’s interesting,” Miles told SFX magazine. “It’s like you’re watching some kind of animal that’s intimidated and you’re not sure if it’s going to bite you or let you pet it. It’s not like I love being evil. But I like that in the story sometimes it seems I’m going to do something but then I’m able to do another thing.”

The movies have also made stars out of Shailene Woodley and Theo James, who play heroine Beatrice and her love interest Four. Theo got to work alongside Naomi Watts in the second movie, Insurgent, and the actress is set to reprise her role as Four’s mother Evelyn once again in Allegiant, but tension is rife as she abandoned him as a baby. That didn’t stop Theo from being starstruck behind the scenes though.

“They mentioned her early and I loved the idea,” he smiled of working with Naomi. “I remember watching her in Mulholland Drive and thinking, ‘This is an amazing performance!’ I liked the idea of a young mother. I thought that was interesting because it means all the implications of, you know, getting pregnant young – and the dark recesses of that history was really interesting to explore.”

In Allegiant, Beatrice and Four escape the wall enclosing Chicago to seek a solution for the troubles in their city. But the duo quickly encounter danger, forcing Beatrice to decide who she can trust in her quest to save humanity.

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