Sex & The City Stars Told To Lose Weight

The male stars of the SEX & THE CITY movie have been told told to lose weight by film bosses.

Producers feared their aging hunks were getting a little paunchy and so they were all told to trim down before shooting began last month (Oct07).

David Eigenberg, who plays Steve Brady, the husband of Cynthia Nixon’s character Miranda Hobbes, admits he was one of the actors told to shape up.

He reveals, “It’s harder to be a man on Sex & The City than a woman.

“They (producers) can’t tell the women to lose weight. They tell the guys to lose weight. They told me to lose a couple of pounds.”

And Eigenberg took the trim-down comments to heart: “You should have seen me three months ago. I was fat. I dropped 20 pounds.”



  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: Wow, that’s a bit harsh, but I think, if I get this right, when men get older, they build up the fat, something like that. But producers, etc. always do that, so I’m not oh mygod-ing about it.

  2. one6ylady wrote: Women have it easier? Since when? Women in movies and theater and modeling and music and gymnastics have faced pressure to loose weight, shape up and look young for SOOO many years when absolutely nobody seemed to care much about the men. Now, someone is told to trim up a bit and he thinks men have it harder… maybe he needs to read a little bit about the long history of bulemia and anorexia in famous performers throughout history due to pressure to lose weight and keep a trim figure. Bad choice of rant there, Eigenberg, and also VERY uninformed.

  3. oth-&-vm-lover wrote: wow. this is a bit harsh….
    but, on the other hand. i didnt even know they were making a movie! so *yay* for the movie, lol 😉

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