Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3

In a recent interview Dan Akroyd gave a few notes about the upcoming new Ghostbusters movie.

Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (The Office) are writing the script. The film will focus on the old Ghostbusters handing the company over to a new generation that is likely to include Seth Rogen and Steve Carell

“There’ll be a whole new generation that has to be trained and a leader that you’ll all love when you meet her,” says Aykroyd. “There’ll be lots of cadets, boys and girls who’ll be learning how to use the neuron splitter and the inter-planet interceptor – new tools to enable them to slip from dimension to dimension.”

Do you like the idea of new Ghostbusters or will this be a bust?

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  1. I’ve never seen Ghostbusters before, but if Seth Rogen is in it then I will be seeing it *lol*

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