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New Moon Trailer dominates the web!

New Moon Trailer dominates the web!

We guess Twilighters haven’t left their computers in awhile!

It is being reported that in the first 24 hours of it’s release, Summit Entertainment has counted of 4.2 million views of the New Moon trailer from their MySpace page, and another 1.6 million from

That’s 5.8 million combined views! Damn!

But then consider this: There is also several versions of the trailer on Youtube. The first one we found already had almost 3 million views! And that was only one!

Plus, include the views on…

We can’t even fathom the math!

This thing is going to hit 1 billion views by next week, guaranteed.


  1. Yeah. We’re awesome. 😀 And you can definately count on the Billion Views. Haha. It’s gonna happen. Twihards stormed the MTV awards too. Did you see how many were for Twilight? Woot! Go Twilighters! I so can’t wait for New Moon. Jake’s transformation = me falling over screaming. xD

  2. Im not suprised. We love Twilight what can we say lol!!! All the trailers ive seen looked awsome so I cant wait to see it as a whole!!!!

  3. When I first saw the trailer i hopped off my bed and stood like an inch away from the TV. I watched it over and over again on the computer. November just cant get here soon enough !


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