Sisters DVD Review: Raunchy and Rather Disappointing

Sisters DVD Review

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are two of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. From their hosting the Golden Globes together all the way back to their time on SNL together, the two have incredible on-screen comedic chemistry together. So when I first heard about Sisters, I was pretty excited. However, I missed the film on the big screen, and just last night had a chance to review the Blu-ray/DVD which came out on Tuesday. I poured myself a drink, got cozy on the couch with my boyfriend, and got read for 2 hours of laughs. Or so I thought…

I was massively disappointed.

The pair portray siblings, unsurprisingly, in Sisters, which also features another SNL star in the shape of Maya Rudolph, and as things kick off, it doesn’t look good – neither for Fey and Poehler or viewers.

We are greeted by smiley Maura (Poehler), who’s kind to the homeless, concerned about her parents and generally pretty dull. Enter her equally stereotyped sister Kate (Fey), who is as much of a disaster as Maura is straight-laced. Kate bounces from job to job, much to the embarrassment of her teenage daughter Haley (Madison Davenport), and is seemingly unconcerned that she’s well into her 40s and still sleeping on her friends’ sofas.

Things plod along for a bit, forcing the audience to get twitchy as they start to wonder when the actual laughs are coming. We learn that Maura and Kate’s parents have made the decision to sell their family home in Orlando, and this news goes over like a lead balloon with the siblings, who rush home and are surprised that the home has actually already sold.

Sadly, the deal is done, so what do the women decide to do? Throw one last rager and invite all their high school friends of course. Initially, the bash is a bust, thanks to party-goers bringing their kids and worrying about “time.” But after a rallying cry from Maura and Kate, things get crazy pretty quickly – sex, drugs and a ton of blue paint in the swimming pool.

Like the majority of movies these days, Sisters is too long and this is one of its downfalls. The great, and funniest, scenes are during the party (which are really just meh), so it wasn’t the best call to spend so much time building up to it. The film also suffers from a helping of predictability, a splash of cringe and more than a drizzle of obviousness, but Fey and Poehler manage to keep it afloat for the most part. Overall though, I expected a lot more from these two.

Sisters Trailer

Sisters DVD Special Features

Bonus Features on Blu-ray and DVD

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • The Improvorama
  • Feature Commentary With Director Jason Moore, Star/Producer Tina Fey, Star/Executive Producer Amy Poehler and Writer Paula Pell

Blu-ray Exclusives:

  • How to Throw a Party
  • Grown-Up Parties Suck
  • The Alex Chronicles
  • The Kate And Pazuzu Chronicles
  • A Teen Movie … For Adults
  • The Original Sister
  • Pool Collapse Visual Effects

Sisters DVD Review:

Grade: D-


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