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Interview with Chris Weitz/the director of New Moon!

Interview with Chris Weitz/the director of New Moon!

chris weitz

Metro News has an interview with Chris Weitz.

Q. How does it feel to take over directorial duties of such a successful franchise?

A. On the one hand, it’s exciting to take over a successful franchise. On the other, it’s daunting. There are so many fans who have high expectations for this film, but it’s made easy by the fact that I inherited this amazing cast who are certainly very talented. So half of the time, I’m just overjoyed to be a part of this and the other half, I’m nervous that I’m going to be hunted down and killed by a pack of 14-year-old teenage girls in about a year’s time!

Q. What is it about this story that resonates so much with its audience?

A. It deals with emotional occurrences that everyone has gone through. You’ve got all this supernatural stuff, but really what it’s about is falling in love for the first time, losing that love, wondering if you’ll ever be happy again, the restorative power of friendship, having to choose between the guy who seems the right guy or whether you’re going to hold out for the wrong person. This is true of girls, boys, men, women. We’ve all had the experience of falling in love or having unrequited love or being left and feeling miserable and hoping you can get someone back. All these things are universal.


  1. Weitz was part of one of my favorite movies ever (“About A Boy”) and I think that “New Moon” will be amazing. The trailer already shows crazy promise. I know I will be staking my nearest movie theater on Nov. 19th, just waiting to get into the midnight showing!

  2. Chris Weitz is an amazing director – his visions for “New Moon” are over the top! I know that “Twilight” was made with a small budget so Hardwicke’s ideas were limited but she is just all over the place in “Twilight”, while Mr. Weitz seems to be much more organized and wanted to be true to the book. I think Hardwicke was to infatuated with the stars especially Pattinson to see the big picture. It is a shame that Mr. Weitz can’t direct “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. I am looking forward to the premiere of “New Moon” I believe it will live up to all of our expectations!

  3. I can’t wait to see New Moon. The trailer looks awsome!! I like Chris Weitz, he has directed a few movies that I like and done a fantastic job so I can’t wait to see what magic he worked with this one. I loved Twilight but I think hes going to make New Moon blow the first one out of the water.

  4. I know that he will do a good job at directing New Moon. I cant wait to see it !!! Its going to be different because we’ve only seen Catherine Hardwicke’s view.. but im excited to see Chris Weitz’s ideas.


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