Bryan Singer: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Is the End of a Journey

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer sees X-Men: Apocalypse as his “closure.” The filmmaker and producer helms the upcoming mutant movie, marking his fourth and final time leading a feature in the franchise. Having worked so hard on X-Men, X-Men 2 and the last installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan is ready to take a step back, especially after having also contributed to two other flicks in the superhero universe.

“This movie to me is closure,” he told Empire magazine. “It’s, in a way, a conclusion to a six-film journey… This movie is the story of the true formation of the X-Men. Fundamentally, the story is about how Xavier (James McAvoy) came to form the X-Men as we would know them in X-Men 1, 2 and 3.

“I’m doing it gradually. We’re not The Dark Knight, we’re not Marvel, we have our own style, and to let that evolve slowly has been part of the fun for me.”

McAvoy was thrilled his mind-reading alter ego finally got to show his true powers this time round, as viewers see a stronger, more confident Professor Charles Xavier. The actor even got to battle it out against his new co-star Oscar Isaac, who plays villain Apocalypse.

“I got to beat the s**t out of Apocalypse the other day,” he laughed. “Charles gets pretty violent on his ass. And Apocalypse tries to do something to me that’s pretty f**king brutal. I think that might leap out at people.

“I’m glad we did it. It feels now that I’m playing Professor X, whereas before I thought I was playing Charles.”

Other newcomers to the franchise include Alexandra Shipp as Storm, a role previously helmed by Halle Berry, and Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, who has been portrayed by Famke Janssen and Haley Ramm in the past.

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