Paul Feig Defends ‘Ghostbusters’ on ‘Yes Have Some’ Podcast


In a recent episode of the podcast Yes Have Some, the hosts were caught a bit off-guard by a surprise caller, director Paul Feig. Feig chatted with the hosts for about 30 minutes defending the new Ghostbusters movie and even providing some exclusive information about it.

So what was that exclusive information? Feig announced that Harold Ramis’ family actually have cameos in the film.

“Erica [Ramis] wanted to be around and come and visit. It was so spectacular. She came when we were doing prep, and then to the set. It was very emotional for her,” Feig revealed. “Harold’s son has a quick cameo, and in one shot we have Harold’s daughter and Harold’s baby grandson as extras. Harold is all over this.”

Fans haven’t been overly kind in regards to the reboot. Feig has previously addressed this in numerous interviews including this podcast.

“It will be fun. I understand that there is hesitation around and fear about it, and that’s perfectly normal anytime you touch a beloved property,” Feig commented on the podcast. “We’re facing it like fans. We came into as fans. Katie [Dippold] and I especially and loved the idea of bringing it to a new generation and made the controversial decision to not make it a sequel. We’ll see how that goes. From our perspective it was really a way to be more respectful to the original.”

Check out the full episode of Yes Have Some to hear more from Paul Feig, and if you haven’t checked out the Yes Have Some podcast yet, we highly recommend it! They cover movies, TV, pop culture, and more (with a heavy focus on Ghostbusters).

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15, and we can’t wait to check it out!


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