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Goonies Sequel?

Goonies Sequel?


According to reports, it appears as if there is life to a Goonies sequel. Original screenwriter Chris Columbus has stated that Richard Donner may be re-assembling the cast. He also mentions that Joe Pantoliano, who played one of the Fratelli brothers has been contacted about a return. Columbus commented on the sequel, stating the following…

“I think the only way it could be done is if the kids are now the parents, and their kids have become the Goonies. I still think the two brothers are still alive and well, so they could still be in the movie. So it’s a matter of whether or not they could re-create that concept.

But will he be able to sell a movie on the idea that kids actually play outside?

“I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. Maybe if all the parents in the new Goonie movie forbid their kids to play on the Internet, that’s gotta be the plot. You can’t go anywhere near a computer or cell phone. I guess the adventures are online.”

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  1. “Richard Donner may be re-assembling the cast. ”
    Re-assemble – wow – that would be something, but truly then what???
    How can you capture the magic of exploring youth??? The kids use GPS to find….oh….what are they called??? cache?? Hidden small treasure you use clues and GPS to find. That might work. Then somehow bring in the partents who really do know better and more.
    Just my guess.

  2. REALLY! OMG, SWEEET! I love this movie, soo soo much. This will be kick ass. Can not wait.

    It will be difficult, but this movie is amazing.


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