‘Younger’ Stars Miriam Shor and Peter Hermann Tease Season 3, and More!


One of our favorite series, TV Land’s Younger, returned to the ATX Festival this year, and this time around they brought the entire cast! We had the chance to sit down and talk with them, and with Miriam Shor (Diana) and Peter Hermann (Charles) – we asked about Season 3, what romantic advice they would offer to their characters, and more!

What can you guys tease in terms of your characters for Season 3? Anything?

Peter Hermann: We can lie. We can lie about stuff and say…

Miriam Shor: We can only lie, because they don’t tell us anything.


Peter Hermann: But really. Really. People get mad. People get mad, because they think that we know.

Miriam Shor: Yeah. We don’t.

Peter Hermann: We don’t.

Miriam Shor: I do know that there’s a little scene where my character may partake in the al-co-hol. A wee much. That’s fun. That little moment. That little scene.

Miriam Shor: Oh, yeah. In terms of arcs for the season, we have no idea where we’re going.

Peter Hermann: Yes.

Just script by script?

Peter Hermann: Script by script.

Miriam Shor: We’re like, “Who’s flying the plane?” Yes.

Peter Hermann: I know that Charles will continue to try to juggle his own affections in his own oddly cerebral way and find his way through his own life.

Miriam Shor: Much like Peter does!

Peter Hermann: Exactly! That’s what that sounds like!

Miriam Shor: Then, I don’t think that Diana’s given up on Charles yet.

Peter Hermann: No.

Miriam Shor: Even though she should! Really. I mean, she’s probably just like, he clearly just hasn’t seen me fully.

Speaking of that, when do we get to see your character shine? Are we going to get to see that?

Miriam Shor: First of all, I feel like I’ve been really sparkly and shiny! When will you see her win? I don’t think that’s when hilarity ensues, so I think there will be more losing in Diana’s future, because that struggle. I think she’s used to winning, so I think the struggle with her dealing with losing is what’s dynamic and funny and interesting to play and interesting to write.

I think that’s why that keeps happening. But, yeah, Ray, throw her a bone, my God!


Miriam Shor: Not the kind that she can break. Know what I’m saying?

Peter Hermann: Nice.

Miriam Shor: Thank you.

Peter Hermann: Well said.

Miriam Shor: Yeah. Broken penises abound. All right. Yeah. Hopefully, I won’t break anymore of those.

Peter Hermann: Yeah, one a season is …

Miriam Shor: One a season!

Peter Hermann: One a season, I think, is funny.

Speaking of shocks from last season, obviously, there were some big ones. What caught you guys most off guard? Thad?

Miriam Shor: Thad being crushed!

Yeah, that was…

Miriam Shor: That was pretty shocking.

Peter Hermann: Yeah. We all popped our head out of the dressing rooms. We’re like, “Have you read that? Have you seen that new one?”

Miriam Shor: There were audible screams up and down the dressing room. We all got the script, when we were shooting, and we were just like, “What’s happening?” That was shoc … I didn’t know … That changes the game.

Peter Hermann: When I read it, it wasn’t even in the vocabulary of our show.

Miriam Shor: No!

Peter Hermann: It was out of …

Miriam Shor: It was completely a shock. Somehow it worked!

Peter Hermann: But I love that they did it.

Miriam Shor: I know! I know.

Peter Hermann: I love that they did.

Miriam Shor: That’s Darren Star for you. Also, I just love the foreshadowing of Thad’s death throughout that whole episode.

Peter Hermann: I know, the whole episode with Beware the Wrath of the Sky.

Miriam Shor: Beware the Wrath of the Sky. Then, something comes falling out of the sky and kills Thad. I was like, that is literary, even!

Peter Hermann: Fantastic.

Miriam Shor: It is!

Peter Hermann: Yeah, no, I thought that was really well done.

Miriam Shor: Yeah, they’re just smart and funny and, apparently, they don’t follow any particular rules!

Peter Hermann: Yes. Clearly. When cut to the sheep.

Miriam Shor: A little terrifying.

Peter Hermann: Cut to the sheep.

Miriam Shor: Cut to the sheep.

Peter Hermann: She’d been upstate New York and so …

Miriam Shor: That’s another one that was …

Peter Hermann: That rivaled the beam falling from the sky.

Miriam Shor: Yes, it really did. That one, I was like, “Is this really happening?”

Peter Hermann: The pantheon of unexpected moments.

Miriam Shor: This is happening?

Peter Hermann: Really? Okay. Yeah.

Miriam Shor: Then, I immediately knew that Darren had written that one. Just going to say that.

Peter Hermann: There was a lot to choose from.

Miriam Shor: I liked the kiss moment too, between you and Liza.

Peter Hermann: Which, actually, wasn’t. That wasn’t the … I know that they were trying to figure out how to wrap up the season and so I don’t know that that was … It certainly wasn’t planned at the beginning … I don’t think that at the beginning of the season, they knew that would wrap up like that.

Miriam Shor: I’m so glad it did though. That had to happen.

Peter Hermann: Yeah.

Miriam Shor: Because, come on.

What kind of romantic advice would you offer your characters?

Miriam Shor: Oh, my God! So much!

Peter Hermann: Oh, God.

Miriam Shor: Oh, Diana, Diana, Diana, Diana, Diana, don’t try so hard. I think, that she employs incredible amount of energy and determination in everything she does and she does it to her fullest and is successful. I think, that love affairs need more nuance. Maybe, maybe just a little gentleness.

Peter Hermann: A smaller hammer.

Miriam Shor: A smaller hammer, with which too … Just open up a little bit to other options, maybe. Don’t be so critical of everyone. Yeah. That’s what I would say. I would love to take her for a drink. It would be a little scary, but I …

I might be a little scared too.

Miriam Shor: A little nervous, but. I don’t know if she’d like me! Really, actually.

Peter Hermann: She’d love you!

Miriam Shor: How do you know?

Peter Hermann: She would love you!

Miriam Shor: It would take her awhile to warm up.

Peter Hermann: She would give you all sorts of advice. She would give you so much advice!

Miriam Shor: I’d take it all.

Peter Hermann: Very funny.

What about for you?

Peter Hermann: Um. Wow, what a question. It’s a good question… Learn how and when to think less.

Miriam Shor: Oh, wow.

Peter Hermann: I would say.

Miriam Shor: That’s not advice I usually give to men. Think less! Guys. Really.

No, think about it more. Think about it more.

Peter Hermann: No, I mean …

Miriam Shor: I know what you mean though with Charles.

Peter Hermann: Meaning that, I think that life and choices and decisions can get complicated in his mind.

Miriam Shor: Let your feelings guide you.

Peter Hermann: What she said. Then, you can’t always do that. Come now.

Miriam Shor: No, you can’t live with letting your feelings guide you, you’ll get smooshed.

Peter Hermann: Right? I think that … Yes, I think that’s the advice. I would probably run screaming for the hills, if anyone ever gave me that advice. Like, “Oh, thank you! Really. Really? Thank you, that’s super helpful. Really.”

Miriam Shor: For real? Come on!

Peter Hermann: No, that’s so original.

Miriam Shor: But do it.

Peter Hermann: Still, I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Younger Season 3 premieres September 28, and the series has already been picked up for Season 4! We’ll keep you posted on the new season as soon as we have more details!

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