‘Ghostbusters’ Debuts in #2 Spot at Weekend Box Office


Ghostbusters debuts in the second spot this week, losing the top spot to The Secret Life of Pets in the film’s second week.

The reboot, featuring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, has been receiving a rough reception from fans since its initial trailer was released in March. The film’s trailer became the most disliked trailer in YouTube history.

“The problem with the Internet is people pre-judge things,” director Paul Feig told Britain’s The Independent newspaper. “There are waves of comments that are pure misogyny, but there’s also a whole other group of people who have problem that it’s a reboot. I get that, but the film hasn’t even come out yet. Give it a chance.”

In a separate interview, Feig called into the ‘Yes Have Some’ Podcast and chatted about the film saying, “It will be fun. I understand that there is hesitation around and fear about it, and that’s perfectly normal anytime you touch a beloved property We’re facing it like fans. We came into as fans. Katie [Dippold] and I especially and loved the idea of bringing it to a new generation and made the controversial decision to not make it a sequel. We’ll see how that goes. From our perspective it was really a way to be more respectful to the original.”

Ghostbusters debuted with $46 million at the box office this week (with a budget of $144 to make).

Coming in first place, The Secret Life of Pets held on to its spot from last week earning $50 million for a total gross of $203 million to date ($75 million budget to make). Alexander Skarsgård’s The Legend of Tarzan fell to third with a $11.1 million, bringing its total gross to $103 million in its third week of release ($180 budget to make).

Finding Dory fell to fourth place with $11 million in its fifth week of release, bringing its current gross to $445 million, and in fifth was Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with $7.5 million.

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