Geeking Out Over the Road to Rio Tour with AT&T


When the Olympics start, my TV is tuned in from opening ceremonies through closing ceremonies. It doesn’t matter what sport is on, I just love geeking out over the event as a whole. I have so many wonderful memories of staying up late during the games to watch diving or gymnastics – and then trying to recreate the awesomeness on the weekend at my own pool by combining sports – doing gymnastics in the water.

As we get closer to Rio, I’ve got my toenails painted and my American flag swimsuit out – I’m fully ready for the Road to Rio Tour, which still has a stop left before the Olympics get underway. July 23 – 24, Team USA gets their send off in Venice Beach. The Tour, which is sponsored by AT&T, will have artists performing at the AT&T Main Stage and they will be posting live on social media throughout the event.

Team USA - Emma Loggins

AT&T has been working with the United States Olympic Committee for more than 30 years, and as a partner of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams, continues to connect athletes (such as Gabrielle Douglas, Alex Morgan, and Alana Nichols and the USA Diving team) to coaches, family, friends and fans as they prepare and compete in the Rio 2016 games!

But AT&T isn’t just hooking up our favorite athletes, they’re also hooking up fans by allowing them to watch the games in a new way utilizing multiple screens. Whether it’s watching the events through TV everywhere, catching behind-the-scenes moments via the AT&T Fanmate microsite, or interacting on social media with your AT&T devices, there’s multiple ways that they’re helping fans to engage during our favorite sporting event!

Team USA - Emma Loggins

So pull out your American gear and get ready to support Team USA! Be sure to go to and become an AT&T Fanmate to receive exclusive content from AT&T Athletes and follow #ATTFanmate on social media to stay connected to the conversation! Go Team USA!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by AT&T.


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