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‘Twilight’ Stars Hit Comic Con ’09

‘Twilight’ Stars Hit Comic Con ’09

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner of Twilight

Thousands of ‘Twilight’ fans packed Hall H at Comic Con yesterday for a chance to catch a glimpse at their favorite stars – Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart. Over 8,000 fans stood in line to enter the Hall when it opened – and only 6,500 where able to get seats.

Thankfully the press panel several hours earlier was not as crowded and FanBolt was able to grab seats front row center. The cast refused to take any person questions and stayed focused on the movie throughout the 20 minute panel.

“I think last year Comic-Con was the big eye-opener for us,” Lautner said when talking about the difference between this year’s Comic Con and last year’s. “It’s awesome that we get to see them all waiting for us again a year later.”

How is Bella different in ‘New Moon’? “There’s more to think about. It’s a more mature part. She’s older. She has more to deal with. Yeah. That’s it,” said Stewart.

How has the fame of ‘Twilight’ changed the cast? “I’d like to think that I haven’t changed that much. Within myself, I don’t think I’ve changed. I pretty much live an almost identical life apart from being recognized and that’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world. When I’m walking down the street, I look down a lot more often,” Pattinson said with a smirk.

He added, “I never did anything normal anyway. I just get other people to do it now.

How has Stewart changed? “I cut my hair off,” the actress joked.

What question does Pattinson never want to answer again? “What’s it like kissing Taylor Lautner,” Pattinson joked.

What about Taylor? “To growl… Actually, I’m asked that more by fans. They ask me to grown for them and I actually don’t enjoy doing that,” Taylor said.

We have a ton more photos on the way to you from the event! Hang tight!


  1. I’m glad I was able to go to conventions that didn’t have quite so many attendees (in the 1980s and early ’90s). I can’t imagine crowding into a room with 8,000 people!


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