Henry Cavill Teases New All-Black Superman Suit


Henry Cavill has teased Superman will rise from the dead with a brand new outfit.

The 33-year-old actor is set to reprise his role as Clark Kent in 2017’s Justice League and whilst many details about the film are being kept a close guarded secret, Cavill has shared a sneak peek photograph of his new suit.

In the picture, Cavill teased a close up picture of the superhero’s new outfit, which showed a small section of the family crest on the suit’s chest plate.


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Meanwhile, Cavill’s co-star Ben Affleck previously revealed he believes their close friendship helped make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a success, but admits he was inspired to train hard for the role by seeing his pal’s shirtless scenes.

“I’d already seen Henry [Cavill] topless in ‘Man of Steel’ so I knew what I had to live up to so I went out there and started training and training. Fans expect you to look like a real superhero, you can’t just roll out of bed for this role. He’s great. I saw what he could do already in ‘Man of Steel’ and it was quite impressive,” Affleck commented. “He’s a pro and a great guy. He’s a wonderful actor; I don’t think we could have done it without him. He made it all that much better.”

However, Ben admits he found it “challenging” training for his role as Batman. “It was physically going into training and working out so much. I had never done anything like that and that was very very challenging.” Affleck said.

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