‘Harry Potter’ Fans Over It?

‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ was pushed to 2nd this week since its initial July 17th release. Disney’s ‘G-Force’ took the lead opening with $32.2 million while ‘Potter’ trailed with $30 million – a huge drop from opening its opening weekend intake of $79.5 Million.

‘Potter’ will be starting on 166 IMAX screens across the country this week. This release is expected to keep the momentum going according to the head of distribution from Warner Bros. Dan Fellman.

The 5th ‘Potter’ film ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ was released in IMAX from the start, but due to other obligations the theaters couldn’t start the film until this week. Fans can thank ‘Transformers’ for that one.

Is this quick drop in ticket sales a sign that that ‘Potter’ fans are over it? Or do you think fans are just waiting for it to be released on the bigger screen? Sound off below!


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  1. I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of HP movies as much as I liked the books. So, I haven’t been in any rush to see the new ones. It’s not that the actors aren’t doing a terrific job, but the books are so big that when they’re condensed into a movie, so much is missing.

  2. The half prince is half good. I wanted more special effects. I wanted more. The film left me wanting and not hungry for the next movie. So it better be released sooner then they are offering.