Sopranos Movie A Possibility

A lot of rumors had flown around that a Sopranos movie will not happen for various reason, the primary reason being that James Gandolfini not wanting to reprise his role. However, Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi) says that those reports aren’t true.

“I don’t think it’s that at all. I think it’s really trying to get the right script. Without the right script, it’s really not worth doing. We’ve all talked to David to give him a kick in the booty to get it right.”

“I want us to be like ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘The Bourne Identity’. I want to make a million of them.”

Even Steve Van Zandt (Silvio) recently told a Belfast newspaper that his character Sil, who was fighting for his life when the show ended, “is still alive.”


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