Space Pirate Trainer: Shooting Some Bots While Wearing Some Dancing Shoes

Space Pirate Trainer is one heck of a workout. That’s because players spend most of their time dodging bullets from orbiting drones that are shooting at them. Of course, it can be less of a workout if players decide to use a gun and a shield rather than two guns and no shield. But where’s the fun in that?? Keep the feet moving and use two guns all the way!

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well, I certainly think so!

Space Pirate Trainer is a first-person shooter that makes virtual reality gaming a massive amount of fun – and work. It’s available now on Steam for the HTC Vive and takes players to the edge of a landing platform where they must shoot multiple drones in waves.

Players basically stand in the same area as they shoot at each wave of bots that come flying at them, but what makes it so much fun and exciting is that the game basically features a bullet-time mechanic that when bots shoot at the player time slows down and allows them to physically move out of the way. It’s so good!

Like I show in my video above, players can duck and sidestep out of the way from approaching bullets and watch as they pass them by. Of course, the further players progress leads to the larger number of drones that they must deal with. This also means dodging bullets from multiple directions. Thankfully, when it gets too chaotic players aren’t required to bounce off walls and do multiple backflips as they can simply replace one or both of their two guns with a shield or two. Players only need to reach to their back in order to replace one of their guns with a shield. It’s as easy and fun as that.

The shields work wonders for deflecting bullets and help take away the need for physically moving out of the way. But again I must ask, where’s the fun in that? I’m here to use both guns and dodge as many bullets as possible while getting a good workout in the process. However, I can see how this may not be the best approach for attempting to get a high score.

Space Pirate Trainer is a fantastic game to play for those who love first-person shooters and the old high-score arcade shooters. It provides that perfect sense of competition on the leaderboard while entertaining players with a brand-new way to play this type of game thanks to VR.

This is definitely my favorite game so far on my journey into virtual reality. By the way, there are also multiple types of weapon fire that players can choose from. In the video I shared I only used the single-shot. However, there is a multi-shot, blast, and laser option as well.

Space Pirate Trainer is exactly the type of game everyone needs for their HTC Vive!

I absolutely look forward to playing more games of this type with my HTC Vive headset and experience all kinds of joy through virtual reality gaming. Keep an eye on FanBolt’s Virtual Reality section for much more in the coming days and weeks.


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