Melissa Benoist Talks ‘Supergirl’ Season 2

Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist, Supergirl herself, sat down with press this year to talk about what’s coming up in Supergirl season 2 as it moves to the CW. The big news in the Supergirl pressroom so far is the appearance of Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin. “I always wanted them to interact,” said Benoist. “It’s such an important relationship.”

As for Kara’s new career path, “I’m really happy with the way they’ve written it, because the career she chooses is not one that she’s prepared for. […] She’s the bravest character I’ve ever played.”

More in the interview below!

Melissa Benoist Talks Supergirl Season 2

Supergirl comes to the CW on October 10th at 8/7c.

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