‘Supergirl’ Executive Producer Talks Changes for Season Two


Supergirl‘s Executive Producer Sarah Schechter talked with press about the changes we can expect to see from season two of the series as it moves to the CW this October. The major buzz, other than the move, is that we’ll be seeing Superman on show next season.

“Tyler [Hoechlin] has the charisma and the kindness, as well as the strength. […] The dynamic between them you’ll see in the first two episodes is just a lot of fun,” says Schechter.

As to the big network change, “[The CW] has so much experience with superhero shows that I think that what you’ll see is that the show will continue to become more of what it is. They understand metahumans, they understand aliens, so there’s a nice shorthand.”

There’s more in the video below, so check it out!

Supergirl comes to the CW on October 10th at 8/7c.

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