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Rose McIver Teases ‘iZombie’ Season 3

Rose McIver Teases ‘iZombie’ Season 3


Rose McIver, star of iZombie, sat down with press at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International to tease what’s coming up for Liv Moore when the show returns next season. Romance may not be in the cards for a bit. As McIver said, “every time she falls in love, something goes wrong.” In the long run, she definitely ships Liv/Major, though.

Speaking of Major, we’ll be seeing a new dynamic between the two as he eats brains and starts taking on new personalities, as well. In episode two, for example, we’ll see Liv and Major become an overprotective father and his teenaged daughter. “[Robert] Buckley playing an angsty teenage girl is going to be a highlight, I can tell already.”

Watch the video below for the rest of the interview!

Rose McIver Teases iZombie Season 3

iZombie is returning to the CW midseason in 2017.

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