Aly Michalka Teases Season 3 of ‘iZombie’

Aly Michalka

We sat down with Aly Michalka for the first time recently to discuss the upcoming season 3 of iZombie. She had lots to say about what’s coming up for Peyton in the new season, especially with regards to the Blaine/Peyton/Ravi triangle. She’ll “continue to carry” the guilt of letting Blaine slip away from justice, though she’s definitely still attracted to him.

We can also look forward to seeing Liv and Peyton working together more on their cases. “Peyton having information that [Liv] doesn’t have, and Liv giving her vital information when it comes to the visions she’s having.”

Check out the rest of the interview in the video below!

Aly Michalka Teases Season 3 of iZombie

iZombie is returning to the CW midseason in 2017.

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