Emma Roberts Joins ‘Four Seasons’

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is set to star in Four Seasons. The 25-year-old actress will team up with Jeffrey Tambor and Jane Levy for the indie movie, which will be told in four chapters with each one set in a different season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Here Comes the Night directors Peter Kline and Pete Shanel will helm the motion picture, which will be based on their script.

The movie tells the story of radio host Walter (Tambor) having to deal with his troubled daughter, who is played by Roberts, while splitting up from his alcoholic wife. Meanwhile, his son Stephen is attempting to reinvent himself in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Ashley (Levy), but doesn’t get his own way.

Roberts recently starred in thriller movie Nerve alongside Dave Franco, and in one scene the pair have to run through a department store in just their underwear, which he admitted was embarrassing to shoot in front of the crew.

He previously said: “You never really get used to that, it was pretty horrifying to be honest. That was the dare that the two of us were most anxious about because on screen it’s only about five minutes, but in reality, that was the two of us over the course of two days in our underwear in front of hundreds of crew members and so that is not something you ever get used to, but again hopefully it’s a fun scene in the movie and hopefully it’s worth it.”

Franco and Roberts play Ian and Vee in the movie which follows players and watchers of online reality video game Nerve, which is an extreme version of truth or dare.


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