Billy Crudup Cast as Henry Allen in ‘The Flash’

Billy Crudup

Billy Crudup has been cast in The Flash. The 48-year-old actor will be starring in the movie as Henry Allen, the father of the titular superhero character, who by day is known as Barry Allen.

The superhero himself will be played by Ezra Miller, 23, who debuted in the role briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will play a more substantial role in next year’s ensemble movie Justice League.

Speaking about the stand-alone movie, Ezra said: “I think there’s just an intention to make something extremely fun and something superhuman and something deeply human.”

If the movie decides to run with the story produced in the comic books, Billy’s character will work as a doctor and provides much needed support to his son. It won’t be the first time Billy and Ezra have shared a screen together either, as they both featured in 2015’s The Stanford Prison Experiment. For Billy, The Flash will mark the second superhero movie he has been a part of, as he also stars as Dr. Manhattan in the Warner Bros. film Watchmen.

Plot details for the movie are being kept under wraps, but production is expected to start later this year and the finished product has been given a March 2018 release date. Rick Famuyiwa is in the director’s chair, with Seth Grahame-Smith having penned the movie.

Before The Flash is completed, Billy can be seen in upcoming projects 20th Century Woman and Alien: Covenant.

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