NHL 17 – It’s Time for the World Cup of Hockey

As fall time approaches and the calendar gets closer to October excitement always begins to build for the upcoming hockey season, and one of the best ways to prepare for the start of the National Hockey League is by picking up the latest game in the NHL series from EA Sports.

Fans of the greatest sport on ice are lucky this year because they don’t have to wait until October for the hockey season to begin as this year they get to watch the puck drop in September with the World Cup of Hockey. Thankfully, NHL 17 came prepared for the tournament and lets fans skate into all of the action right away.

As a huge hockey fan myself I’m always thrilled to get the latest NHL game and start my new season immediately with the New York Rangers. I often take to the online versus play as well to get even more competition. However, I’m so pumped for the World Cup of Hockey tournament to begin that I had to immediately faceoff against the world’s best in its new tournament mode in NHL 17.


I’ve been watching the recent World Cup of Hockey exhibition games which have been so fast paced with plenty of exciting action that it inspired me to continue the action on NHL 17. This is absolutely going to be the case as well once the official tournament begins as I’ll have to fire up the Xbox and play some matches each day after the live games end.

So far I have yet to win the tournament with the USA as I’ve been stopped twice in my two challenges to obtain the prize. While playing on Pro difficulty I actually didn’t make it out of the group stage even though I defeated Canada. During my second attempt I lost in overtime against Sweden in the semifinals. So for me personally I still have a goal to reach and an achievement to get by winning the World Cup of Hockey on NHL 17. I know I’ll be trying quite a bit during the tournament which begins this Saturday, September 17th.

What a great way to begin the hockey season with the World Cup of Hockey, and it’s great to have the tournament available in NHL 17 so fans can play alongside the official tournament and use it for another way to claim victory or seek retribution if things don’t go their way in the real world.

It’s time for the World Cup of Hockey! Let’s go team USA! Here’s a collection of goals I’ve scored on the Xbox One version of NHL 17.

NHL 17 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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