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Eddie Redmayne Quizzed J.K. Rowling on ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ Role

Eddie Redmayne Quizzed J.K. Rowling on ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ Role


Eddie Redmayne admits that he actually “grilled” J.K. Rowling about his character in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them when he got to meet the author. The 34-year-old actor plays Newt Scamander in the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off movie and one day director David Yates brought the creator of the wizarding world on set to meet the cast.

Redmayne was told that Rowling would only be around for an hour so he took the opportunity to ask her as many questions about his alter ego as he could.

In an interview with, he revealed: “I got to meet J.K. Rowling. I had about three or four months prepping the film, and just about a month I think before we started filming, I was here in Leavesden and J.K. Rowling came and it was this sort of brilliant or slightly odd moment in which David Yates sort of introduced her and I knew that she was only gonna be here for an hour and I think I was sort of like, ‘Hello, nice to meet you!’ And just basically grilled her for an hour she came to set the other day and I was like, ‘I am so sorry.’ But it was so phenomenal.”

Redmayne insists Rowling, 51, was able to answer his queries and has a complete view of what her characters are like and the world which they inhabit. He explained: “She’s so passionate about her characters and she has such a sense of their whole three-dimensional world and their history. I don’t know whether it’s just a paranoia from recently having played people that lived or living and sort of having all this world of research that you can go and do. But what’s great about Newt is you can just go to J.K. Rowling and she gives it all.”

In the film, magizoologist Newt is on a mission to capture various magical creatures and Redmayne enjoyed finding out from Rowling what the character’s history is and what gave her the inspiration to create him.

He said: “I was surprised by his background and where the thoughts for the character had come from. They’re all quite personal to her and that was sort of lovely … What’s wonderful about J.K. Rowling and David is that they also really enjoy collaboration, like you can come with ideas and throw stuff in.”

Redmayne stars in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them with Ezra Miller, Colin Farrell, Ron Perlman and Katherine Waterston among others.

The film is scheduled to be released on November 18, 2016.

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