Will Tom Cruise Star in the New ‘Mission: Impossible’?

Tom Cruise

Will Tom Cruise star in a new Mission: Impossible film? According to reports, Cruise is poised to reprise the role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt for a sixth installment of the money-spinning movie franchise, which is based on the TV series of the same name.

Although Paramount has declined to comment on the mounting speculation, TheWrap says that production on the much-discussed movie could be set to start in January for an early 2018 release.

The new Mission: Impossible movie would be a major release for Paramount, which has fallen behind rival studios in recent times and has suffered some high-profile box office failings, including Ben-Hur, which has been one of the biggest commercial disappointments of 2016.

By contrast, the Mission: Impossible series has proven to be a huge money-maker, having made a combined $2.8 billion worldwide. Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Tom, 54, charters private jets to take his gym kit around the world with him while he is shooting movies. The award-winning actor ensures he can stay in shape while filming by using private planes to fly his fitness gear to his next destination the day before he arrives.

A source recently said: “Working out is really important to Tom and he likes to have his own equipment with him so he can exercise in private.

“It might seem extravagant but for an A-lister of his stature, hiring a private jet is like the rest of us hailing a taxi.”


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