Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Intriguing Throughout

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the sequel to Human Revolution, and players once again take the role of Adam Jensen as they’ll attempt to uncover mysteries that surround him. Right from the beginning players are reminded of all the happenings in Human Revolution as it spends a good few minutes explaining the past. Even though I played and beat Human Revolution, I’m glad the back story is included at the beginning of the game to remind me of what I may have forgotten.

It’s a darker world in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and as the title suggests mankind is divided between augs and non-augmented humans. Adam Jensen this time around is an agent for a special task force and is asked to look into a terrorist attack that occurred in a train station. It’s up to Jensen to figure out the mysteries behind the attack, figure out what organizations may or may not have been involved, and make the right choices to ensure tensions are eased in a world where another major attack by augmented beings would surely send the entire world over the edge.

While avoiding spoilers I must say that I enjoy the storyline and how it all came together even though there weren’t any real spikes in excitement throughout. It’s an intriguing world and fantastic atmosphere that surrounds the player, and everything remains consistently interesting, but I never had any of those wow moments. However, the good thing is, I didn’t have any lulls either. Players can choose how to progress in the game and can participate in side missions, but for those who just want to progress the story will find it to be an enjoyable ride even if the excitement meter doesn’t reach an obvious high point.

The best way to describe Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is that it doesn’t really do anything that’s too special compared to the previous game. There aren’t many stand out moments that really makes it really feel like an overly exciting game. However, with that said, it’s amazing how quickly the game passes by before it’s over. It may not have those over the top moments of excitement, but it sure has a consistent level of quality throughout with its story, atmosphere, and gameplay that makes it a great adventure to experience. It’s consistently a very good game, with no ups or downs.

As mentioned multiple times already, the atmosphere feels fantastic and the music plays a big part in creating the overall feeling. Also, being stopped multiple times at checkpoints because Jensen is augmented also plays a big part in creating a tense atmosphere. It’s a dark world, and augmented and non-augmented humans don’t trust each other and that is felt every step of the way to the end of the game. This is another big reason to why this is such an intriguing game to play.


Adam Jensen once again has his augmented abilities that players can use and master while in combat or use for hacking computer systems. However, this time around Jensen does discover that he has a few underlying abilities that he didn’t previously know about. This allows players to engage in gameplay with new features that make Mankind Divided a little more unique. As with all abilities, players are able to pick which options work best with their style of play.

I never like sneaking around much, yet Deus Ex usually requires that from players if they want to have an easier time. I still try and find a good balance that works best for me. So having augmented abilities that allow me to dash forward quickly or jump much higher allows me to get through situations without raising too much of an alarm. However, sometimes I like to just take an object and throw it across a room full of bad guys and then go loud to create all kinds of chaos. See the video below.

The gameplay is still incredibly fun to play with and without the augmentations. Being sneaky and taking out one guard after the next is extremely satisfying. Pulling out the combat rifle with an attached scope is also too much fun to pass up on in certain circumstances. The gameplay and abilities, along with the weapons and augs, make Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a blast to play. Plus, I still love hacking a gun turret and carrying it around with me from zone to zone. Yeah, it doesn’t get much louder than that. Good times!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an excellent game with an intriguing atmosphere that will continue to drive players forward all the way to the end. Plus, once players beat the game, they can play it again with New Game+ mode. There are also two additional modes to check out, including Jensen’s stories which contain standalone side story content and Breach mode that features new challenges to complete.

Whether players progress through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided fast or slow, guns blazing or while holding their breath, it’s an excellent experience and a great continuation to Human Revolution.



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