The Hills Boss: Season Five May Be The End

With top dog Lauren “L.C.” Conrad out of the picture, will MTV’s most-beloved show, The Hills, be able to carry on? The powers that be behind the show aren’t 100 percent certain. Say it ain’t so!

When asked about another season (season five starts April 6 with nine eps), executive producer Adam DiVello tells us exclusively, “I can’t even say if there is a next season. I have no information for you on The Hills beyond Lauren Conrad. We’re focusing on this season, and this will likely be our highest-rated season yet. I think a lot of people are going to tune in to see Lauren wrap her storyline.”

Especially after MTV’s gripping season-five trailer, showing that Lauren and Heidi Montag will cry and makeup and become BFFs again, right?

Well, maybe not.

Adam admits that trailer is not what it seems…

“What you see in the trailer, with Lauren and Heidi, is very deceiving,” Adam tells us. “You’ll see that in one of the first few episodes of the season, that when they wake up the next morning from that [reconciliation], things may not be as they had hoped. But it’s a rollercoaster ride for these two. They are at a point where they are ready to forgive each other, but there’s still this looming presence of Spencer Pratt in Heidi’s life, and that’s the thing Lauren is dealing with the most.”

This season’s focus is on Lauren tying up loose ends and figuring out how to move on with her life. (Duh!) “It’s pretty surprising,” Adam says. “A lot of the characters on the show come to the realization that we’re getting to a point now in life where we can put the past behind us and move on.”

Meanwhile, Lo Bosworth takes a front seat this season with storylines around her new job (yes, she’s working now) and her love life (finally!). “Lo steps up this season more so than last,” says Adam. “She’s a single girl, so you’ll see her dating a lot more, and still palling around with Lauren.”

Are you looking forward to the new season? Do you think The Hills should come back for a Lauren-less season six? Do you care if Lauren and Heidi truly kiss and make up or not?