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Kristen Stewart Says ‘New Moon’ Is A Severely Emotional Movie

Kristen Stewart Says ‘New Moon’ Is A Severely Emotional Movie


Kristen Stewart recently spoke about her character’s role in the upcoming ‘Twilight’ sequel – ‘New Moon’. Bella Swan, played by Stewart, becomes an active protagonist in the second installment of the film. Stewart commented on whether or not that provided more of a challenge to convey on screen.

“I wouldn’t say that one was more difficult than the other. This is a severely emotional movie. That’s the one big difference.” explains Stewart, “This movie is not about discovery or falling in love which is sort of just an intense emotion but this is like low and there high points for her, too.”

“She’s a manic depressive basically.” Stewart also explained, “To have a character be able to pull her out of that, it’s a hefty feat which I think we pulled off. But for me, like, I don’t know. There was no difference. It was just sort of heavier and it was more to think about. It’s a more mature part strictly because she’s older and she has more to deal with.”

‘New Moon’ will no doubt be an emotional roller coaster for fans of the series. Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward, leaves Bella in the beginning of this installment, but he will still be present for a large portion of the film as he lives through Bella’s thoughts and memories.

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  1. I believe what she says.. just reading the book getting into putting yourself in bella’s position is so depressing.. really puts a tole on your emotions


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