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Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Talk ‘New Moon’

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Talk ‘New Moon’


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart recently talked about Edward’s (Pattinson’s character) presence in the upcoming ‘Twilight’ sequel – ‘New Moon’. In the book that the new film is based off of – Pattinson’s character, Edward, leaves Bella, yet still remains a large part of the story as he lives through her thoughts. This presented a bit of a challenge to translate to the screen.

“It’s through a kind of process. It’s just a voice. Edward’s just a voice in the book, and so I guess it would look pretty cheesy if it were just my voice. They’ve done these hallucinations, these semi-visible apparitions.” Pattinson explained.

“It’s subjective. It’s like how she remembers him, and not necessarily how he actually is.” Stewart contributed.

So fans need not be disappointed about a lack of Pattinson in the sequel. There’s plenty of him to go around according to Stewart.

“He’s in it a lot.” Stewart commented, “If he doesn’t go, you can’t miss him. That’s what this whole movie is about. That empty, complete dark place where absent.”

Pattinson assures fans they won’t disappointed either, “People will forget immediately…and as soon as they come back, they’ll be like, “Why is he wasting our time?”

Well we doubt fans will ask that. But is reassuring to know that ‘New Moon’ will have plenty of Pattinson screen time!

What do you guys think? Will ‘New Moon’ be as good or better than ‘Twilight’?


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