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Taylor Lautner: ‘New Moon’ Is A Love Triangle

Taylor Lautner: ‘New Moon’ Is A Love Triangle


Taylor Lautner recently spoke about his personal transformation that he had to go through to play Jacob in ‘New Moon’. The actor put on 30 pounds of muscle in order to better fit the description of the character from the book.

“When I was filming ‘Twilight’ I knew that Jacob’s character changed a lot. So if I wanted to continue portraying him correctly, I had a lot of work ahead of myself.” explained Lautner, “So as soon as I finished filming ‘Twilight’ I started hitting the gym, got a personal trainer, started eating a lot of food – good food, of course: proteins, good carbs, cut the sugars – and it was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.”

Lautner’s character has his first werewolf transformation in this fall’s ‘New Moon’, and the actor admits that they’ve done a pretty good job with the effects.

“I’m excited that there are werewolves involved now because the werewolves definitely step up the action in the movie.” Lautner commented, “There’s double the action in this movie than there was before, and there’s also a different dynamic. Now it’s not just this romance between a human girl and a vampire, but it’s the beginning of a love triangle. So that’s exciting.”

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