Atlanta’s Netherworld Offers Best Haunts of 2016!


It’s no secret that we love our haunted houses here at FanBolt – really anything in the horror genre we love and the more immersive the experience the better. Each year I look forward to seeing what co-creators Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina have put together, from the scary (but also charmingly witty) characters that meet you in the parking lot to the actual themes of their two haunted houses, and 2016 is no exception.




Twenty plus years ago, Ben and Billy set out to create the most intense and elaborate haunted house in Atlanta. Their goal was to create something that wasn’t just terrifying – but was also entertaining. Netherworld was born, and year after year it gives fans such as I myself something to look forward to every Halloween season (Seriously, it’s not fall or Halloween in my book until I’ve been to Netherworld)! The incredible detail that goes into creating such intense scares has cemented Netherworld as one of the best haunted attractions in the world, and it’s also attracted the remarkable team of actors, make-up artists, costumers, set builders and fabricators that continue to make Netherworld more amazing year to year.

Don’t know the full NETHERWORLD history? Fans can read about their 20 Seasons of Screams and themes like The Colber Mansion (1997), The Harvest Man (2003), The Mangler (2008), The Gargoyle (2010) and more here. A collection of two decades of the world’s creepiest, most warped characters will also be featured this year in a retrospective museum that can be accessed while in queue for the two new haunts MONSTERS and VAULT 13: MELTDOWN.


So let’s talk about those two new haunts! What can fans look forward to? Here’s the official description of each haunt.

MONSTERS: An invasion of horrific alien MONSTERS released from the unknown threaten our world and only the return of creatures of NETHERWORLD’s past can defeat them. As the struggle for dominance rages in the supernatural world, the very fate of our planet hangs in the balance. It has been 20 years since Dr. Colber opened the doorway to NETHERWORLD and now the invasion of our planet reaches a fevered pitch in an epic war of the MONSTERS. Experience an incredible avalanche of never-ending horrors including: The Flying Angel, The Lair of The Sea Witch, The Feasting Vampires, an army of Hideous Soul Eaters and more!

VAULT 13: MELTDOWN: Descend into NETHERWORLD’s dark basement to a secret government facility filled with unnameable horrors in VAULT 13: MELTDOWN! During the events of last year’s VAULT 13: UNEARTHED, the mad artificial intelligence PROTEUS seized control of VAULT 13 and used its resources to capture his creator the Mangler. PROTEUS now demands that the Mangler create him a “bride” or the world will be destroyed with the massive nuclear arsenal of VAULT 13! Can the chaos be stopped or will mutations, aliens, robots and nuclear destruction be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet slaughtering millions? All will be revealed in VAULT 13: MELTDOWN featuring: The Xenomorphic Terror, The Collapsing Missile, The Blast Off Inferno, the return of the Toxic Foam Room and more!

Atlanta’s Netherworld: Best Haunts of 2016

Netherworld is located at the Georgia Antique and Design Center (6624 Dawson Blvd., Norcross, GA) and is opened nightly through October 31st (Sundays – Thursdays 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. / Fridays and Saturdays 7 p.m. to midnight) as well as November 4th and 5th from 7:30pm to 10:30pm! Ticket prices are below and for additional information or to purchase tickets, visit

Ticket Prices:
$23 weekdays/$25 on Fridays & Saturdays – NETHERWORLD: MONSTERS
$28 weekdays/$35 on Friday & Saturdays – NETHERWORLD: MONSTERS & VAULT 13: MELTDOWN
$55 – SPEEDPASS: MONSTERS & VAULT 13: MELTDOWN (Skip the line!)

About NETHERWORLD Haunted House:
NETHERWORLD, Atlanta’s popular self-guided, dark attraction, is one of the most highly-acclaimed Haunted Houses in the world. Known for its over-the top special effects, unique make-up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors and unusual themes and details, NETHERWORLD has established itself as an Atlanta tradition. Since the attraction first opened 20 years ago, NETHERWORLD has been voted by publications such as Hauntworld Magazine, Dead Central, Fangoria and USA Today as the top haunt in the nation as well as been recognized both locally and nationally by media including CNN, The Today Show, The Early Show, The Travel Channel and Wall Street Journal. Every season, this innovative horror experience continues to draw in generations of thrill seekers eager to see what new nightmares have been released! For more information, visit or call 404-608-2484. Keep up with all things spooky by following NETHERWORLD Haunted House on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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