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Dear Titanfall 2, Your Multiplayer Can Wait

Dear Titanfall 2, Your Multiplayer Can Wait


Titanfall 2 is only a few weeks away from its release and it’s not the game’s multiplayer that excites me. Even though I spent hundreds of hours playing the original Titanfall on both Xbox One and PC with its non-stop multiplayer action that I completely fell in love with, it’s now the single player campaign that has me the most excited for launch.

Obviously, I still can’t wait for the online action of the Titanfall 2 multiplayer with its pilot vs. pilot action and being able to call in the massive titans for incredible amounts of continuous fun. I know I’ll spend many hours in the online realm blasting other titans to pieces and enjoying every moment of it.

But what Respawn Entertainment has done so brilliantly well is promote its campaign in a way that completely appeals to gamers by releasing such a captivating Single Player Cinematic trailer that fully gathers everyone’s attention. I was very interested in the campaign all along, but this video is the reason why I will play and beat the campaign before I even think about multiplayer.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

I love a good story and an action-packed campaign, and really hope that Titanfall 2 delivers on that. Sure, it’s easy to get hyped up over a cinematic trailer, and it’s hard not to when it looks so amazing and is well executed like that. Still, a campaign needs to feature a lot of depth and emotion tied to the gameplay with growing progression in play that doesn’t grow stale. Thankfully, with what I’ve read from some of the previews, it sounds very promising.

I just recently watched the first ‘Live with YouTube Gaming’ episode hosted by Geoff Keighley that featured an interview with Vince Zampella, Steve Fukuda, and Mohammad Alavi of Respawn Entertainment. It’s always great hearing comments directly from the creators, and it was even better watching some of the exclusive gameplay that was released during the show that also made me more excited for the campaign. I have a feeling I’m really going to love the boss battles in Titanfall 2. Check it out:

The more I learn every day about Titanfall 2, the more excited I continue to get for the game. Who knows what it’s going to be like to experience the bond between pilot and titan in the campaign, but I absolutely can’t wait to find out. I’m a hardcore Titanfall fan and I’m going to put my competitive nature aside to first experience the campaign before battling against the rest of the world online. Titanfall 2, your multiplayer can wait, because I’m extremely eager to get my hands on your campaign!

Titanfall 2 releases October 28th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation. For those like me who are huge fans of the original Titanfall and completely excited for Titanfall 2, the temptation of the collector’s edition exists with this title thanks to both the Vanguard Collector’s Edition and Marauder Corps Collector’s Edition. Someone help me, I want them both!

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  1. Ah man.. I got the feels from the cinematic trailer.. I have a feeling the story is going to involve the loss of your titan.. your bff.. It’s probably going to be sad but an amazing ride.. I too played the first one for hundreds and hundreds of hours and I absolutely cannot wait for this one to come out on PC. I played the beta on PS4 and really enjoyed all of the new features. I hope it lives up to its name! Good article. I miss being a games journalist, hah.

  2. The only thing worth the time will be the single player anyway. The multiplayer is so washed down thanks to people that can only preach “muh meta builds!” that it lost half its fun. From the bundled titans, only one vaguely fits my style. Talk about waste of development effort


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