Ben Affleck’s Role as Batman Prepared Him for ‘The Accountant’

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck channelled his role as Batman in his new movie The Accountant. The 44-year-old actor – who has been cast as the mathematics savant Christian Wolff in the drama film – has admitted he had to undergo intense combat training, similar to his preparation for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, for the movies action scenes in the crime film, which he stars in alongside Anna Kendrick.

Speaking in a live Twitter Q and A with his co-star about the role, the Gone Girl star said: “I practiced fighting and learnt a lot of fighting techniques and spent months and months in training.”

However the Pitch Perfect actress has revealed the lead-up to shooting the film was very different to Affleck, which saw her rely on her mother Janice, who is an accountant, to explain the financial terms to her.

She said: “I gave the script to my mum and she explained all the financial aspects because she’s an accountant, thanks mum!”

The Accountant follows Christian, who is an accountant for criminal organisations, but is slowly being uncovered by Dana (Kendrick) and the Treasury Department who are on a mission to uncover his secret.

Meanwhile, the dark-haired hunk has teased him and the 31 year old shared a strong connection on set. He quipped: “I liked all the scenes with Anna it was so much fun- we had chemistry going.”

Kendrick of course took the opportunity to demonstrate their banter. She retorted: “That’s so funny you say that because my favorite was the first scene I filmed, because Ben wasn’t in it.”

Meanwhile, Affleck – who has also worked behind the camera and has directed a number of films including the forthcoming The Batman – believes “every actor” should direct a film.

He said: “If every actor could take the opportunity to direct a movie they would definitely learn a lot. At least I did. It’s very educational.”


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