Halloween 3 – No Zombie

According to reports, co-Chairman Bob Weinstein of the Weinstein Co. has announced that Halloween 3-D is currently in development, and that Rob Zombie will not be back. Weinstein stated that the studio is in negotiations with a new director, who will have a different take on the franchise.


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  1. I wasn’t impressed with Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween. I did not see the Halloween 2 remake, and I’m really not interested in a 3-D version. The original is still a classic.

  2. I HATED!!! The halloween movies directed by him so I’m not shedding a tear… I agree with Taminar original is the classic.. he totally ruined it… I saaw halloween 2 and I was so discusted with it… It was weird he put all kinds of weird stuff that made no sense…. hhe didn’t even the put the original halloween theme in it that makes the halloween movie thrilling.. he finally did at the end of the credits… so disappointed… he ruined the halloween movies if you ask me… i would watch the original’s before thinking about those…

  3. i had such high hopes with Rob putting his twisted spin on a classic franchise…however it came up short and was spun beyond recognition. Replacing him is no big loss I think….bring back Carpenter for one last hoorah…i think.