Amy Adams Immediately Knew She Wanted to Star in ‘Arrival’

Amy Adams

Amy Adams knew she wanted to star in Arrival within “five minutes” of reading the script. The 42-year-old actress, who plays the role of Doctor Louise Banks in the science fiction film, has admitted she “realized very quickly” she was happy to act in the movie alongside Jeremy Renner because of the mother and daughter opening scene.

Speaking to The Upcoming Online,the flame-haired beauty said: “I realized very quickly, just by the way that it opens. The first five minutes of something usually makes me decide whether or not I’m going to like a script and this one begged me to keep going. And when I got to the end of it I had to go back and read it again, knowing what I knew.

“When I spoke with [director] Denis [Villeneuve] that was the thing that let me know he was on the same page as me; he saw what I saw in the script. We talked about a bunch of other stuff and at the end of the day he just said, ‘This is a story about a mother, you start the film by speaking to your daughter’, and that caught me. So I knew he was going to protect the story, and that’s what’s important to me.”

And Adams has revealed she is grateful she has been cast in a role where she is “smart”. She explained: “Well I think sometimes females are written as if they’re smart in the description but then not given anything smart to do or say! So the fact that she gets to be smart, not just act smart is awesome. Also, the fact that she’s acting not only with her intelligence, which is required of her, but also with her instinctive intelligence really appealed to me. That was fun to get to play. I’ve played roles where I’ve lost my vanity before but this one was different because she was so intelligent and imagining this as a woman without vanity was incredibly freeing to me. A lot of my characters have had some of the innate vanity we all have as human beings, but she really didn’t and that was really freeing, very refreshing, for me.”

Meanwhile the Enchanted star has revealed her preparation for the film was “long-winded”. She said: “Preparation is so individual, and you have conversations with the director, but a lot of the work I do is done privately sometimes months before work starts … It’s very long-winded.”