Battlefield 1 – Ten Hours is Not Enough

Battlefield 1 recently became available for members of EA Access and Origin Access, giving them a chance to play 10 hours of the game ahead of its release. I’ve been a big fan of the membership since day 1 and greatly appreciate the 10 hours received through Play First Trials. This is almost always enough time to judge a game and decide whether it’s worth purchasing or not. For example, Star Wars Battlefront was enjoyable for the first 10 hours, but when it came down to it I decided it was enough time and that I didn’t need to play it further.

However, when it comes to Battlefield 1, I can easily say that 10 hours isn’t even close to being enough time to get your fill of the game. A lot of that has to do with the stellar opening to its campaign where players get to play the first two missions, but it also has to do with me being very impressed with the multiplayer as well.

I’m now interested in Battlefield multiplayer for the first time since Battlefield 3.


Battlefield 1’s multiplayer still feels like the Battlefield experience I remember from previous games, but its atmosphere is far different than anything we’ve seen in a long time. And it all comes down to the World War 1 setting.

Who knew horses and tanks on the same battlefield would be so much fun. Who knew a battle-ready train would be so amazingly awesome – or fantastically ridiculous, depending on which side you’re on. Who knew snipers would be so annoying? Ok, so we already knew that. BUT! Who knew rushing them with a bayonet on the end of a rifle would be so satisfying!? Ok, we probably could have guessed that as well, but whatever, it’s still fun!

The gameplay in Battlefield 1 is a great deal of fun too, and some of the maps also play a large part in that thanks to their design and set-up for an epic game of conquest. Learning positions and sneaking around to different locations has been really good so far as well, especially when coming up behind a large group of enemies and being able to take care of business. Plus, what makes these maps even more excellent is the dynamic weather that can change conditions in an instant, creating an even more brilliant atmosphere in the game. It’s raining!

I still have nitpicks, especially with some of the open maps where it would seem snipers have too much of an advantage, and the Play First Trial doesn’t provide enough time to fully learn these maps for players to know what to do and what not to do. Fao Fortress is the perfect example of a map I heavily dislike because of how open it seems to be. Of course, I have gotten better at it, and more time and practice on that map is going to serve me well.

My only other issue would be the few bugs I encountered on my recent journey that should hopefully be fixed once the game launches, but those didn’t really hurt my experience too much. Still, not being able to aim when in a vehicle or not being able to shoot my weapon without switching guns after being revived are big issues.

With very few complaints so far and with how much I love the atmosphere within the multiplayer gameplay, as well as the Single Player campaign, Battlefield 1 looks to be a game that will keep me playing for a very long time. So, clearly, this isn’t another Star Wars Battlefront experience for me where I was done at 10 hours. Instead, the Play First Trial allowed me to see for certain just how excited I should be for the full release of Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 releases October 18th for Early Enlisters, while everyone else can head into battle on October 21st. Until then, check out my recent multiplayer stream below.


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