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Tom Holland Thinks He Is the ‘Luckiest Kid Alive’ to play Spider-Man

Tom Holland Thinks He Is the ‘Luckiest Kid Alive’ to play Spider-Man


Tom Holland thinks he is the “luckiest kid alive” to play Spider-Man. The 20-year-old actor, who plays Spider-Man, has admitted when he feels “uncomfortable” in his skin tight costume for the superhero role, he has to remember the “long list of actors” he pipped to the post to play the role and remind himself how lucky he is.

Speaking about his wall-crawling character at The Lost City of Z Film Festival premiere, which has since been reported on Variety Online, he said: “The suit’s not the greatest thing, but sometimes when it’s uncomfortable, you just have to remind yourself of the long list of actors that would love to be in that suit and you just go, ‘do you know what, f**k it. I’m the luckiest kid alive. I deserve to be here and I’m going to give it my best.'”

And Holland has revealed he has done most of his own stunts in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, although for legal reasons he couldn’t complete all of them. He explained: “I did as many [of the stunts] as I could, but there are some things legally that I couldn’t do. There were stunt doubles who were all very, very talented guys who really supported me throughout the process. Whenever there was a stunt that I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable about, they would step in and show my how to do it, and coach me through the process.”

And Holland – who appeared in his debut film adaptation of the Marvel Comics in Captain America: Civil War alongside Robert Downey Junior and Chris Evans – has teased the fellow superheroes could reunite in the future for a follow-up.

He said: “It’s all up in the air. I believe some sort of deal is in the mix, but I’m unclear as to what that deal is.”

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